Open Letter Series

No. 1: A letter to my significant other

Dear Mana, As I type this letter, you have just finished your second break and are going into your seventh hour at work today. You’ve been up since 6am and won’t get home till 5:30pm, tired and exhausted after your ten hour working day. However, no matter how tired you are, you never fail to…

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No. 2: A letter to myself as a child

To my 10 year old self, That was a pretty epic birthday party! McDonald’s and then a party at home after?! Whoa, who knew you could get so spoilt and have so much fun! Surrounded by family and church friends, having a whole mini van for just the kids, that’s pretty special stuff! It might…

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No. 3: A letter to my best friend

My dearest Halfy, I can’t help but laugh as I sit here and think about our friendship, and all the things we’ve been through. As we both remember, we weren’t very fond of each other when we first met, but thanks to some persuasion from Aunty Buna and the life of Daniel Carter, we became…

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No. 4: A letter to someone who has influenced my life

Dear Tutu Jone, Last Sunday was Father’s Day in the UK. Before going to see Dad, I went to church and our senior pastor shared a message about generational promises. He began his sermon explaining the differences between heritage and inheritance. He spoke about how an inheritance usually refers to property, money, or tangible goods.…

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No. 5: A letter to someone who is no longer here

Dear Tuka Atu, It’s been almost five months since you left us, and I can’t even begin to explain how the time has passed for me. I have days where I still think you’re around, days where I say your name as if you’re still in the village, and then I have days where I…

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No. 6: An open letter to my son

  My darling Levi, Hi my son. It’s been almost 8 weeks since you came into the world and became our biggest blessing. In between all the visitors, Christmas, and an extremely draining week in hospital, the first four weeks of your life were a huge blur. I remember being so happy but also so…

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