About Me

Sainimili Kata Rockett

  • Wife
  • Mum
  • Foodie
  • Social Anthropologist

So that’s me. I’m an only child of divorced parents, a mother to my kind son and wife to my metal-obsessed welder husband. Growing up I always had my head in the clouds, a dreamer type, who was always told that I was “wiser beyond my years and bound to go far in life”. This somehow ultimately put pressure on me. As an adult, I’ve found out that I’m a perfectionist to the point that I just leave things are they are for fear of failure.. hence why everytime you visit my blog, the theme has changed (sorry). I could blame my INFJ personality type but I only believe those things to a certain extent before I name them self-fulfilling prophecies. And I refuse to be minimised to 4 letters in the alphabet!

This blog has had many face-lifts over the years, but the one thing that has remained consistent, is that I come here when I need solitude. I have always written – in diaries, at the back of exercise books, in my phone notes and wherever letters can come alive. I find writing cathartic and have been told – that I should share what I write. So, here’s to being more intentional. Here’s to more consistent writing. Here’s to finding solitude. Hope you enjoy the reads!