She. Her. Them. Women.

The matriarch of the Kata family turns 79 today and I’m lucky enough to have spent some time with her earlier this month. It was also a chance for her to meet her great grandson. As I sit here and think about how even in her old age, she still managed to find a way to serve him, my heart is filled with happiness. It was such a simple act. She knew that whilst being in Fiji, Levi had fallen in love with pawpaw. Knowing she had one pawpaw left in her kitchen, she peeled it, sliced it and plated it up for her great grandson. As he sat on the mat and devoured this plate of tropical fruit, I glanced over at her and there was so much joy. Pure joy.

It’s a funny thing motherhood. I’m only 9 months in but I can already hear my own mothers voice resounding in my head… ‘One day when you’re a mother you’ll understand Sainimili’ and I tell ya, talk about perspective change!

So today I want to honour all the women in my life.

My grandmother’s, the women who have taught me timeless class and manners and showed me how to care for myself as a young woman. Two women, who although are very different, are both women of unwavering faith.

My mum. My ma. Oh how much our relationship has been stretched, moulded and reshaped in the past 9 months. We’re at a place in our relationship that I honestly never imagined we could be but I’m so blessed to have her as my own. She has shown me hardwork and never ending resilience.

My mother in law, the lady who has shown me that a day will come where I will be able to share my son and when that day comes, I hope I can love just as much she does.

Linda, my mackem mam. A pinnacle of strength for all of us but also a good laugh when we need it.

My aunts – man I love these women. These are the women that I can laugh and act silly with, but who also give me the advice and direction I need. The ones who love me, pray for me, sponsor me, feed me and treat me as their own.

My sisters. My girlfriends. My cousins. The women in my family circle and Marama networks. You ladies have taught me that although we are different in our ways, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and we have individual strengths that make us unique.

There is not one woman in my life that hasn’t been through the mill. Each one with their very own story, their own struggles and fears. Yet, when you put them all together, as a collective, man how much do they show up for each other. Always ready to help, love and pop on the kettle or crack open a bottle of wine.

Today I am grateful for all the women in my life.

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